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How many users in your subscription?

3 Subscriptions at $160 per/user per/year.

Totaling to $480 annually.

(prices include GST)

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How many people can I have in my group subscription?

A minimum of three people and no limit on the maximum amount of people. However we recommend speaking to us first if your group is over 50 people, or if you are an institution.

Can we pay for our group members separately?

No, you have to pay for the whole group in one payment, via credit card or invoice

Can I add or change members at another time?

Yes, you can change members at any time via your group subscription portal. You can remove, edit or add members through your administrator. You can add on members at any time, but you will need to upgrade your subscription if you go over your member limit.

What sort of access do I get as a member?

You will have full access to the Crikey website and archive as well as receive all of our daily emails.

What if I only want the website access - not the emails?

You can edit your newsletter settings at any time via the Crikey Member Portal. You just need to log in and go to newsletter preferences via the top right hand button labelled ‘My Account’ on the Crikey homepage.

Do you offer IP access?

Yes! We offer various IP Access solutions. Talk to us about which is right for you.

What if I am an institution and want access for staff/students?

Please contact us for further information on institutional rates and access.

Is this an automatic subscription?

No, you will be emailed when your group is due to expire so you know the renewal options

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